GAST stands for ‘Gothenburg archaeological student association’. We are a non-profit association for students at the department of Historical Studies at Gothenburg University. GAST arranges workshops, evening lectures, field trips, surveys and social activities to encourage networking and strengthen relations between students at all levels, as well as between students and researchers.


With the help of suggestions from our members, the board plans and organizes a variety of activities during the year. A reoccurring event is the Kick Off-party at the start of each semester when new students at the department are welcomed. We also have parties in the spring and during the winter holiday, as well as other social events like game- and movie-nights. Each semester GAST tries to organize different field excursions like surveys of Bronze Age rock art sites and even small-scale excavations. We also publish a student publication called GASTen here on our webpage.


Everybody studying historical studies at Gothenburg university are more than welcome to join GAST and participate in our activities. If you want to join, send us an e-mail at info@gastgu.se. The annual member fee is 50 SEK. Also join our Facebook group to keep up to date on upcoming activities, and follow us on Instagram!


Gasten is  a magazine published by GAST for our members.

All students, past and present, at the department of historical studies at Gothenburg University are welcome to submit articles dealing with just about anything as long as they are connected in some way to history, cultural heritage or archaeology. They can be about the subject of your recent paper, your internship, a visit to a museum or anything else you might be interested in. An article in GASTen is a good way to hone your writing skills, and as soon as an article is published we announce it in the GAST facebookgroup. Articles should use proper citations to sources but we do not have the same strict requirements as when writing papers in university courses. Submit your text in a regular word-document to info@gastgu.se. Any images and figures should be sent separately and remember to specify where in the article you want them. Remember to write numbers to images and figures if you refer to them in the text, as well as sources to images. If you have any questions, please send them to info@gastgu.se